Quality Policy
  • To produce safe products and provide quality service in the medical device industry,
  • To continuously improve production in line with the needs of the medical sector; Acting in accordance with national and international criteria and standards,
  • To work in accordance with the Quality Management System and Medical Device Directives, to ensure its continuity by maintaining its effectiveness, to ensure the transfer of innovations to every stage of production by following the technology and scientific developments in order to increase the quality and increase the efficiency,
  • To continuously renew our quality systems, to ensure continuity by investing in innovations. To follow the innovations in the sector, to apply it to the market, to increase its market share and product range, to produce efficiency and user-friendly products, to be among the industry leaders and to be a leading company,
  • Ensuring the continuity of the development process, believing that quality can only be maintained with team spirit, working with team spirit and common sense method with all stakeholders,
  • To provide healthy and safe working environments to our employees, to organize in-service trainings that will contribute to their development, to create a team with a sense of belonging with opportunities to increase motivation,
  • Take measures to take environmental protection measures and contribute to their development.