About Us

MAKROLAB Medical Products Inc. Since 2013, it has been providing production services in the healthcare industry. MAKROLAB, which provides solution-oriented services to its customers within the framework of Good Manufacturing Practice Principles, with fully automated assembly machines and experienced staff in Class 100,000 production sites, R&D laboratories equipped with the latest technology, produces with modern equipment. When MAKROLAB started production, its production range included urine containers, disposable urine tubes, and medical waste bin products. With 2019 investments, MAKROLAB,
Vacuum Sample Collection Tubes, Holder, Blood Collection Needles and Medical Waste Containers with VACUFINE brand.
URIFINE brand Vacuum-Free - Vacuum System Urine and Spoon - Spoon-free Fecal containers, Disposable Urine Tube, Vacuum Urine Collection Tubes.
It has been able to produce Rapid Cassette Tests under the brand of RAPIFINE.